Canon EOS Elan 7E Review

This is the most comprehensive review that I consulted before buying the fantastic Elan 7E 35mm film camera. Even though I have nothing but good things to say about the camera so far, there are a few items in Elan 7E that leave me wanting more: 

  • Non-interchangeable focus screen: Wish I could swap out the stock screen, which is a bit on the dim side, with something bright and clear such as the Canon Eg-S precision focus screen that I use for my 5D MkII body.
  • Reduced AF performance in low light: As light gets dimmer, AF performance begins to waver, especially that of the outer AF sensors. Having seven cross-sensors would have been ideal. But hey, even my 5D Mk II that was released in 2008 has only the center AF sensor of cross-sensor type. Elan 7E was released back in 2000. So, who are we kidding?
  • Fastest shutter speed of 1/4000 sec: When shooting outdoors with a fast lens such as Canon 50L, even a medium speed film (ISO 100) tends to get overexposed at the fastest shutter speed of 1/4000 sec, unless the lens is stopped down a bit. I love shooting fast lenses wide open. 
  • Non-reversible direction for exposure dials: This could be specific to my workflow in how I meter a scene and shoot but this is a big one for me. It would have been really nice to have the ability to reverse the direction for exposure dials.